I have just watched, on YouTube, unbeaten Zenyatta’s 19th win. Amongst the blurb on the page was something about heroes. People wrote in and said she is a hero. What was interesting was how many people took the time and trouble to write about their “hero”. Is there any place in South Africa we could do that? Would anyone know they could? Does anyone care enough?  

Surely our most recent “hero” is Pocket Power. Have we, the racing and breeding fraternity, “cashed in” on him? Have we given him the recognition he deserves? Has there been anything about him which would have reached the broader public? Surely, if properly marketed, Pocket Power could excite the imagination of the potential/future racehorse owner, an owner who may still be at school or university. Or a farm worker, for that matter. And, let’s face it, the racing and breeding fraternity are desperately in need of the owners and bettors of the future. 

(From an October email)